Latest Trends in Web Designing

If you are planning on starting online business and you are willing to spread the word about it widely, here’s the first thing you need to consider: Web designing. How you design your web is actually how you want people to see you as a company. If the company is more about art and the play of colors, the layout of the website should tell that. If it deals with sober business and clients, again, the layout of the website should tell that.

The website of your company provides the first glance of what the company is about and how the interaction with team would be like. People are generally more interested in the mood and tone of the company and if it clicks to some, you have a chance of your products and your work being viewed by the audience.

Following are some of the trends that are followed by many companies. These will give you an idea of how the online business is run and what the audience looks for on websites.


Fixed Header Bar

The most common trend in the web designing these days is the incorporation of fixed header bar. Header bar is the navigation tool that is used by various websites for either putting up the website’s logo, link to main pages of the web or the search option. Renowned websites such as Facebook and youtube are now using fixed head bar for their websites that contains the searching option for the websites as well as some key navigation tabs, and remains on top even when you scroll down the webpage. The fixed head bar is also termed as stapled head bar at times, because even if you scroll down the website’s page the head bar would remain at the top of the screen.


Large Photo Background

Using a large photo as the background of the page is a new innovative trend in the web designing. Previously, various templates were used to make the backgrounds of the web pages but now the trend has been taken off by this innovative web designing technique. Use of a large attractive photo makes it more interactive for the user of the website of the visitor to stay at the website and continue surfing the link.


Adding Social Media Badges

Embedding a website to any social media website have become essential these days for web owners. Several social media websites are used for this purpose and a lot of traffic can be attracted to the website through these social media websites. To make any website attached with social media the links are produced to that social media website. These links that lead to the social media website are put on the web page in form of badges. These badges have now become a major attraction of any website.


Unlimited Scrolling

This probably is the most innovative web designing trend that is being used for a lot of websites these days and you see it most commonly on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, where a person can scroll through the whole page and the page keeps on loading. This trend was first introduced by the social media websites and now it is widely used in entertainment and news websites as well.


Home Page Features

Home page of a website is considered to be the first representative of any website. For a long time it has been used to present stuff with information about the website or the purpose the website is made for. However, now the trend has changed and the home page is used to portray the first themed look of the web site. The home pages of various websites are now keenly designed to be attractive as well as providing basic information about the website and its purpose.

Therefore, it is suggested that the web designers try to find out lucrative ways to keep on attracting the visitors by following the changes and trends in the web design market. This will help in increasing traffic on the website which will eventually make you a part of the online business competition. The key is to follow the trend with originality and unique features, which represent your style.