Our Services

Chicago based CRAYFISH CREATIVE is committed to applying our decade of industry experience to giving you outstanding quality and benefit for your money on all our services.

We provide a full menu of services, including:


webbWeb Design and Development

Whether you’re just starting out and don’t yet have a website or an established business with a web presence that needs some serious updating, we can help. If you need a simple blog site, we can do that; if you require a fully interactive, visually stimulating site, we can do that too. We’ll jump start your site and getting it running with an exciting and creative design to get you noticed in a big way. We’ll help you find and establish your brand identity too.

For established sites, we can perform focused, customized upgrades that will not only improve your site’s look and performance, but will make content management and future updates easier than you ever imagined. Giving your customers, and potential customers, a clear and easy path to your products and services is the most essential point of business. That’s why we offer customized shopping carts, safe and intuitive check-out processes, and a secure platform for shopping.

CRAYFISH CREATIVE also equips you to stay in touch with your customers, with newsletters and direct email resources (Electronic Direct Mailers, or EDMs) to get the word out quickly to your existing customers when you need them to know about an update or promotion, as well as mailing lists to help you find new clients to invite to your business. In addition, no matter what your needs, we’ll apply the latest programming codes and techniques so you can be certain that your site is flexible across different platforms.


socialmediaOnline and Social Media

We’re leaders in the field of marketing metrics and demographics, in part because we don’t see your customers as numbers. They’re real people, with real needs, wants and preferences. As such, we create profiles, look at their passions, values, interests, and beliefs, and then tailor your site in response to that research, to make it an appealing destination for the people mostly likely to want what you sell.

We also make sure your business is highly visible on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media is making a bigger mark on businesses every year and it’s important you keep up. We’ll create pages for your brand and keep it vital, providing feedback, creating ads, and helping you respond to communications from your customers so they know you value them. Social media is a tool you should always have at hand, using to your benefit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides vital ranking enhancement on the search engines people use to find you. No longer does SEO involve simply plopping a few good keywords on a page; decent rankings now require high-quality and interesting content. We have access to some of the best copywriters in the business to make sure you get the content that gets rankings.


reputationReputation Management 

Substance is valuable, but in today’s market, you’re only as good as your business’s reputation. How people perceive you is as important as what you really do. CRAYFISH CREATIVE constantly monitors the internet to analyze the perception of your business, and the impact of your brand. We can track and repair negative reviews, downplay ones that cannot be removed, and off you insights on what customer reviews and comments indicate might be genuine areas of concern that should be addressed or corrected. Regular monthly reports will give you a snapshot of what customers are saying and what potential customers are seeing so you can take action quickly, before a minor problem becomes a viral nightmare. Making a mistake is not the end of the world for your business; people are human, they make mistakes and understand that others do, too. It’s what you do about it that people remember, and a negative review is often a gift – an opportunity to make people remember the solution instead of the problem.

If you want more details, or a free quote, on all the things we can do for you, check us out now at We’ll start at the top of your business and study it all the way to the floor, then create a strategy custom-tailored to position your business in the fast lane of the information superhighway. We’ll enhance your present, plan for your future and provide ‘round the clock support for every step of the way.