Our Process

Your website represents your business, and your business represents you. That’s the main reason it’s so important to get your website right – so it accurately reflects who you are and what you do, your dreams, goals and objectives. Your future success as a brand and a company is bound up in people identifying your business and remembering it in a positive light. We use a six-step process to make sure that happens.


process11. Gather Information

The information-gathering process is a two-stage affair. First, we develop an exhaustive list of data about your business. We look at everything – your industry, your product or service, your current customers, your goals and aims. This stage is essential for understanding your needs and audience to ensure your website is fully customized for you. If you don’t yet have a website and need a logo or brand identity, we can advise on that too, creating icons, logos, and color palettes to create an overall image that puts your image at the front of the minds of your audience. One of our strengths is making you stand out as distinct from your competitors. We take that as seriously as you do.

The second part of this step is to research your competitors. We’ll check out their sites, see what makes them tick, find their weaknesses and strengths, and then apply that information to making your site, well, better than theirs.


process22. Plan your site architecture.

Here we sit down with you, review what we discovered in the last stage, and start identifying essential areas. We’ll visualize the sitemap and the traffic pattern within the site, and schedule deadlines for the completion of each step. That gives you the means to measure our progress as we go, and we’ll consult with you towards the end too, to fine-tune the design.

Our primary objective is to give you and your business a solid foundation, unique and durable, that from which you can continue to grow and thrive over time. We involve you thoroughly in the process so the site reflects you – your ideas, your goals, your product or service – clearly, to develop and solidify your brand identity.


process33. Putting it together

Once you’ve given your enthusiastic approval to the design, that’s where we take over for a while and you can take a break. Using the best, cutting-edge web technology and coding, we’ll start building your site from the virtual ground up. We’ll build in the best resources the internet has to offer, and include customized tools and features like shopping carts, checkout, blog areas, and whatever else it takes to make your site its absolute best.  We provide you with a unique Work-in-Progress (WIP) link through which you can track development milestones and see where your site stands.


process44. Content Building

Content is key and we will stay on top of that for you too. It’s no longer sufficient to put a few keywords on a page; you have to provide your audience with intelligent, informative and entertaining articles, descriptions and/or blog posts. We have access to some of the most outstanding copywriters in the industry and they are more than capable of communicating the benefits of doing business with you to your audience. We also have a huge portfolio of photographs you can use or we can schedule a photo shoot for you, to produce business-specific images for your site.


process55. Maintenance and Housekeeping

As the building of your site winds down, Crayfish Creative will provide hands-on training to you and your staff. We’ll teach you all about what your new site does, and how to update and maintain it. We’ll also show you all the data measurement tools and reports and how to read them, to ensure you get all the benefits available. You’ll be able to generate reports to show you where your visitors are coming from, what they do and where they look when they’re on your site, and where they go when they leave, so you can adjust your marketing and promotional strategies accordingly. You’ll have our Content Management System (CMS) at your side, allowing you to update your site, and therefore, your audience, anytime, from anywhere. We even provide a manual to make the process a piece of cake.


process66. The Launch

After you’ve reviewed your website and approved it all, learned how to use it, and know what to do with the reports you can generate, it’s time to move it to a server and turn it loose. We’ll be there for the launch, monitoring everything just in case there are any problems. It’s not likely you’ll experience a hitch, but we’ll have a plan to deal with it, just in case.

We don’t just pack up and leave once the site is live, though. Crayfish Creative stands by your side to provide ‘round the clock support and advice. Later, after the site has been live for a while, we’ll come back and do a follow-up assessment of the site’s performance. You can see how your new site measures up to the baseline data we found at the beginning, and we can make any improvements needed.

This review is great opportunity to consider not only improvements, but also promoting your site and business. We can suggest a number of promotional options including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising, and the use of social media platforms. We’ll help you find the best and most balanced approach to drive traffic to your site and keep them coming back to buy.

Overall, you’ll find it hard to find any company that can match Crayfish Creative for full value. With us, you’ll get a broad array of services, offered by a staff of experienced, talented professionals committed to the highest standards of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction. The result will be a website that represents your brand and your business in the best possible light and that will grow with you as your business grows through the years, with full support throughout the process.