Secret to Enhancing the “About Us” Content

about1Do you happen to be a strong believer of the quote, “First impression is the last impression?” If you are, you’re one smart cookie. It’s majorly true that first impression creates an image of you in other people’s mind that stays there for a long time if not forever. It’s not just about you, but anything associated to you. A company that you are running also reflects who you are.

To be known and remembered in a good and professional way, one has to reflect professionalism, seriousness and most importantly an interesting personality. If it’s a company you are representing then its first glance and introduction is also most important for the company. For any company, its representative plays an important part. But in the modern times, where internet has taken over the world of marketing, almost every company introduces and opts for online marketing strategy. This is an easy way for the clients to review the work of company too.

Online Marketing comes with the responsibility of creating a perfect first impression without having to speak. How you write, how you portray your products and what you focus on while writing counts majorly. It’s true that the first page or the page that describes your company or let’s just say the page that displays ‘About Us’ is the first glance for any customer. Even if one doesn’t go deeper into the site, the “About Us” is most probably visited by people who happen to stumble upon your site.

Let’s discuss few of the points that would help you come up with an interesting and attractive “About us” content.


The Purpose:

It’s possible that most people will not be able to recognize what the company is about just by its name and logo. The first most important thing is to mention what the company is about and what vision it is based on. Try using an interesting catch phrase that many people can relate to as it will help in grabbing people’s attention.

The trick to sound it interesting and unique is simply to mention the features that make your company different from others. What is it that distinguishes you from every other company offering the same type of products. People are usually more interested in the services and it how benefits them.



Many people believe that the struggle counts more than success. Even if you aren’t yet successful and people close to you can see your struggle and relate to where you started from and where you have reached now, that tells a lot about you. Likewise, people would be interested in knowing your history and witnessing your progress. If in a span of 10 years a number of achievements are evident, it becomes certain that there is passion, and will of moving forward is present. That majorly helps you win your customers’ trust. This can be done in a number of interesting ways. You can also graphically show your progress so that it helps understanding what you started from and what you have achieved in a particular timeline.



Once the customers understand what the company is all about, they look for the face/faces behind it. The introduction of team members and brief biography is important to be there on the ‘About Us’ page for a few reason. First one would be, that it’s because of your team members that your company is what it is at present and how people see it. Second is that, once audience sees the faces behind the company, it makes it easier for them to approach it and place their trust to it. One would simply not be willing to go forward without any IDs or anything that creates a picture in their mind.



Graphics are known to make anything boring look interesting too. The reason is that for a layman, it might be difficult to understand your strategy or what and how you deal with. The easiest way to get your idea through is by presenting it graphically, so people can understand without having to think about it much.



If your company has done something extra ordinary that you have filmed, then don’t forget to post it on your ‘About Us’ page. Try to keep your video short and relevant that not only attracts the audience but also makes them understand your principles and procedure.

Now that you know the points that would add color to your “About Us” page, go ahead and let your “About Us” page paint a beautiful picture of your company in visitors’ minds.